Image of LOVELORN DOLLS "The House Of Wonders" 2 CDs + SIGNED

LOVELORN DOLLS "The House Of Wonders" 2 CDs + SIGNED


Welcome to the "House Of Wonders"! LOVELORN DOLLS' debut album carries you to the fairyland of an intriguing dark manor whose fantastic sonic ambiance and brilliantly transposed visually by the talent of graphic designer Gogo Melone who adds a magic dimension to the release. Room after room, song after song, Brussels-based band LOVELORN DOLLS attract you into their unique fantasy world full of warm purple light haunted by hate feelings and love emotions, by lurking witchy cats and crawling sweet white rabbits...


CD1: "The House Of Wonders"
1.House of Wonders (intro)
2.After Dark
4.Save me from Myself
5.Mother of the Universe
6.Frozen Inside
7.Aux Dieux
9.Feel Myself with You
10.Inside my Head
12.In your Room
14.Final Curtain (outro)

CD2 "The Distorted Alley" – bonus disc only available in the limited carton box edition

1.Save Me From Myself (unplugged version)
2.After dark (Junksista deathproof Remix)
3.Purple (Helalyn Flowers Remix)
4.Mother Of The Universe (HellSector Mix)
5.After Dark (Essence Of Mind Remix)
6.No-Life (Diffuzion Remix)
7.Purple (Psy’Aviah Remix)
8.After Dark (Mari Chrome Remix)
9.No-Life (Acylum Remix)
10.Aux Dieux (Implant Remix)
11.No-Life (Diskonnekted Remix)